Leila Uluhanli

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In January 2018, one of the largest exhibitions in architecture and design - Maison & be - was held in Paris.

In 2016 this exhibition took part and our sootečestvennica - designer Leila Uluhanli, presenting her first collection of furniture. Let's remember how it was.

Dia: tell us about the collection you presented at Maison & be?

L. It was my debut collection of substantive design. It was based on its foundation.
The concept of art of America'S 1960 s. Every item of furniture is elegance and unparalleled comfort, high quality and subtle craftsmanship, with the inclusion of handmade elements. The Assortment of collection includes soft furniture, dining group, light.

Dia: share your impressions of the exhibition?

L. Have fun.: as always, the Maison & be exhibition gathered people, United Love for design. Hundreds of companies from different countries presented beautiful and unique things. It's a good playground for professionals where you can show new products, new name, new trends in design.

Dia: what content do you like to work with?

L. U.: Tree, stone, skin, glass, fabric. With beautifully treated metals -
Bronze, brass.

Dia: the work of which famous designer are you imponiruût?

L. It's certainly not one name in the world of interior design! I can celebrate.
Albert Hadley, Elsie De Woolf, Billy Baldwin, Axel Vervordt, Thomas Fizant, Jacques Garcia, Jean Louis Deniau....

Dia: are you planning to create the next collection of furniture? What's she gonna be?

L. Uh.: Yeah, but it's still "behind the scenes". 

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