Exhibition in YAY Gallery.

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Exhibition at yay gallery.
Umwelt is the search for a parallel universe of aída mahmudovoj.

Yay gallery presented a personal exhibition of artist aída mahmudovoj " Umwelt ". Umwelt (in translation from German - " Wednesday ") the concept formulated in 1909 by biologist and philosopher Jacob Von Iskûklem, in an attempt to explain the fact that different animals in one And the same ecosystem reacts to different external signals. Your umwelt - the nearest area of the surrounding world that we are willing to take - has all of us. Our Umwelt is a habitable habitat that includes a set of familiar routes, responsibilities, situations and risks that we have to face on a daily basis. Almost every man is in absolute confidence that his umwelt is a whole universe, and only a few know about the existence of borders and "other" universes beyond those borders. The certainty that we have the truth leads to the rejection of the alien's "Umvelʹta" and, in society, to the defence of dogma and the denial of dissent. In this situation, the artist acts as a apologist of tolerance, a man who knows how large the volume of nepoznavaemogo is. It is the artist who is able to broadcast a sense of complexity of a life that consists of a variety of individual projections. We live in different cognitive worlds, but the artist's creativity can be their focus. We note that Aida Azerbaijan is one of the most influential women in the central Asian and caucasus regions.  





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