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Ablique brass Pre-Order

Ablique brass

DescriptionBrass handmade round shape can use it either indoor or outdoorSize30 cm Materialbras..

500.00EGP Ex Tax: 500.00EGP

Chandelier Pre-Order


DescriptionBrass handmade oxide big ring connected with 9 round triangle colored tears glass and bra..

9,994.00EGP Ex Tax: 9,994.00EGP

Chandelier Pre-Order


DescriptionBrass handmade oxide round shape Size40cm W x 40cm H     50cm Column&..

3,000.00EGP Ex Tax: 3,000.00EGP

Chandelier 3 brass balls Pre-Order

Chandelier 3 brass balls

DescriptionBrass Handmade Oxide Round chandelier with 3 brass balls connected to round plate by..

3,700.00EGP Ex Tax: 3,700.00EGP

Chandelier 4 brass unites Pre-Order

Chandelier 4 brass unites

DescriptionBrass handmade Oxide Ruler chandelier with 4 brass unites + 4 small Pyrex ballsconnected ..

4,700.00EGP Ex Tax: 4,700.00EGP

Chandelier 4 lighting balls Pre-Order

Chandelier 4 lighting balls

DescriptionBrass handmad oxide 4 lighting balls connected by chains with a ruler half moon in both e..

4,700.00EGP Ex Tax: 4,700.00EGP

kaf vase Pre-Order

kaf vase

DescriptionBrass handmade full press golden handSize35cm H x 20cm WMaterialbrass NotesSorry, If..

950.00EGP Ex Tax: 950.00EGP

Lantern Pre-Order


DescriptionBrass hand made oxide lanternSize40cm H   20cm  WMaterialbrass NotesSorry,..

1,400.00EGP Ex Tax: 1,400.00EGP

Mirror brass  Pre-Order

Mirror brass

DescriptionBrass handmade golden round shapeSize40cm WHMaterialbrass NotesSorry, If the product..

1,800.00EGP Ex Tax: 1,800.00EGP

Mirror Rose Pre-Order

Mirror Rose

DescriptionBrass handmade rose gold round shapeSize50cmMaterialbrass NotesSorry, If the product..

1,850.00EGP Ex Tax: 1,850.00EGP

Mirror Silver Pre-Order

Mirror Silver

DescriptionBrass handmade set of 3 silver round shapeSize30cm WHMaterialbrass NotesSorry, If th..

750.00EGP Ex Tax: 750.00EGP

Nuts plate brass Pre-Order

Nuts plate brass

DescriptionBrass handmade set of 3 silver nuts plateSizedifferent sizesMaterialbrass NotesSorry..

450.00EGP Ex Tax: 450.00EGP

Oxide nuts plate Pre-Order

Oxide nuts plate

DescriptionBrass handmade set of 3 set oxide nuts plateSizedifferent sizesMaterialbrass NotesSo..

450.00EGP Ex Tax: 450.00EGP

Table brass and metal Pre-Order

Table brass and metal

DescriptionBrass handmade golden round shape with metal legsSize30cm width x 70 cm heightMaterialbra..

1,700.00EGP Ex Tax: 1,700.00EGP

table lamp brass Pre-Order

table lamp brass

DescriptionBrass handmade silver Round shapeSizeBase 35cm W x 25cm H      light shade..

2,030.00EGP Ex Tax: 2,030.00EGP