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Basata Chair Pre-Order

Basata Chair

The “ Hekayat’ Collection will take you on a unique journey through the Egyptian Culture. Each piece..

9,600.00EGP Ex Tax: 9,600.00EGP

El Malakot Chair

The storyThe ‘Malakot’ is the place the soul reaches once it leaves its worldly barriers. It is a pl..

7,850.00EGP Ex Tax: 7,850.00EGP

El Nol Table

El Nol table is a statement side table that can be placed as a stand-alone piece against the wall or..

5,900.00EGP Ex Tax: 5,900.00EGP

Harraneya Chair

The Harraneya chair aims to mix modern design with traditional handicrafts. The chair frame is a sle..

9,500.00EGP Ex Tax: 9,500.00EGP