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Descriptionoutdoor and indoor pots  Size 43 D x 62 hFinish & Materialpolyester li..

3,490.00EGP Ex Tax: 3,490.00EGP

kent calendar

Descriptionoutdoor pots  SizeL 60H 79w     M 40H  60wS 32H 47wFinish & ..

2,490.00EGP Ex Tax: 2,490.00EGP

Kilto pot

size S      50 X 40HM    70 X 45HFinish & MaterialSTONE FINISHpoly..

3,100.00EGP Ex Tax: 3,100.00EGP

Layers Pots

Descriptionfountain pots  SizeL 100H 98w     M 60H 80wS 26H  52wFinish..

3,590.00EGP Ex Tax: 3,590.00EGP

Levy Planter Out Of Stock

Levy Planter

Descriptionoutdoor pots  Size M 60w 36HS 43w 26HFinish & Materialpoly stone Deliv..

1,500.00EGP Ex Tax: 1,500.00EGP

Metal pot Pre-Order

Metal pot

Descriptionoutdoor pots  Size  M 40H  54wS 32H 34wFinish & Materialpolyester..

2,100.00EGP Ex Tax: 2,100.00EGP

Modena Square Out Of Stock

Modena Square

Descriptionoutdoor pots  Size34W 32H     Finish & Materialpoly stone De..

840.00EGP Ex Tax: 840.00EGP

Muffin pot

handmade products made of light polyestersize S      D50 X 50HM    &nb..

3,100.00EGP Ex Tax: 3,100.00EGP

Nuts pots Out Of Stock

Nuts pots

Descriptionoutdoor pots  SizeL  52W 120H     M 48w 100HS 44w 41HFinish &..

2,600.00EGP Ex Tax: 2,600.00EGP

OR pot

Descriptionindoor pots  Size25H  55DFinish & Materialpolyester Stoneprice not includin..

1,790.00EGP Ex Tax: 1,790.00EGP

ORA Pots

Descriptionoutdoor pots  SizeXL 80H 70WL  71H 58w     M 51H  41wS 25H ..

1,980.00EGP Ex Tax: 1,980.00EGP

Parade pot

size S    50 X 40M   65 X 45L    75 X 60Finish & Material pol..

2,700.00EGP Ex Tax: 2,700.00EGP


Descriptionoutdoor pots  SizeL  80W 40HM 70w 35HS 60w 30HFinish & Materialpolyester re..

2,550.00EGP Ex Tax: 2,550.00EGP

Polygonal pot

Descriptionoutdoor pots  Size    S 70 x 35Finish & Materialpolyester Stonepr..

3,890.00EGP Ex Tax: 3,890.00EGP


Descriptionoutdoor pots  SizeXXL    90H X 50WXL      40H X 60WL  ..

1,980.00EGP Ex Tax: 1,980.00EGP