Living Room

Living Room

Design a perfectly polished space for relaxing 

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Cabinet Cabinet for tea & coffee. Size81 x 40 x 145 Delivery date within 3 weeks..

15,000.00EGP Ex Tax: 15,000.00EGP

Calendar fountain

Descriptionfountain pots  SizeL 60H 79w     M 40H  60wS 32H 47wFinish ..

3,690.00EGP Ex Tax: 3,690.00EGP

Capitone Sofa

Descriptionoutdoor furnitureSizeW:  70 cm L:  300 cm H: 84 cmFinishBeech wood &n..

34,500.00EGP Ex Tax: 34,500.00EGP



Description: ACRYLIC PAINT ON CANVAS Realistic painting Dimensions 100 X 100Mate..

4,500.00EGP Ex Tax: 4,500.00EGP

Carreau Rug

DescriptionHandmade rugs Egyptian leatherSizeSmall       90x150Medium  120x..

1,250.00EGP Ex Tax: 1,250.00EGP

Cell Rugs

DescriptionHandmade rugs Egyptian leatherSizeSmall       90x150Medium  120x..

1,255.00EGP Ex Tax: 1,255.00EGP


Description: AcrylicModern paintingDimensions 50 X 70Material: Acrylic, Mixed Media..

5,650.00EGP Ex Tax: 5,650.00EGP

Chandelier Pre-Order


DescriptionBrass handmade oxide round shape Size40cm W x 40cm H     50cm Column&..

3,000.00EGP Ex Tax: 3,000.00EGP

Chandelier 3 brass balls Pre-Order

Chandelier 3 brass balls

DescriptionBrass Handmade Oxide Round chandelier with 3 brass balls connected to round plate by..

3,700.00EGP Ex Tax: 3,700.00EGP

Chandelier 4 brass unites Pre-Order

Chandelier 4 brass unites

DescriptionBrass handmade Oxide Ruler chandelier with 4 brass unites + 4 small Pyrex ballsconnected ..

4,700.00EGP Ex Tax: 4,700.00EGP

Chandelier 4 lighting balls Pre-Order

Chandelier 4 lighting balls

DescriptionBrass handmad oxide 4 lighting balls connected by chains with a ruler half moon in both e..

4,700.00EGP Ex Tax: 4,700.00EGP

Chess Table

Descriptionoutdoor furnitureSizeW:  100 cm L:  100 cm H: 76 cmFinishBeech wood &..

12,000.00EGP Ex Tax: 12,000.00EGP

chilly Pre-Order


Description • Handmade item • A form of  art that uses acrylic paints with a runny (fluid)consi..

1,300.00EGP Ex Tax: 1,300.00EGP


DescriptionOrigami inspired poufSizeWidth: 60 cmDepth: 60 cmHeight: 40 cmFinish & Fabric Bo..

3,820.00EGP Ex Tax: 3,820.00EGP

City Slick 2-3 Days

City Slick

DescriptionTableware Size27 x 27 x 10Finish & Material Wood:  zan ..

2,000.00EGP Ex Tax: 2,000.00EGP